Buying your new faucet through your plumber saves you money in the long-run. If you have already decided to follow this advice, go to the bottom for some time saving instructions on selecting your new faucet!

There are a number of valid, important reasons that you will save money by buying your new faucet through your plumber. The ideas and my experiences described below will help you understand more making the best long term decision regarding where to buy your next faucet.

Billions of dollars have been spent brainwashing people into forgetting what our parents’ generation knew: You Get What You Pay For.

In my opinion and experience, it is a different product, even if it looks the same, depending on where you buy it. For instance for a bathroom  sink faucet the one I install has an all brass drain assembly which is easier to install and lasts longer. Also an all metal drain assembly will withstand many drain clearings whereas a plastic drain assembly can easily start leaking after a routine service like this. There are many other significant differences between faucets that affect how long it lasts, how easy or difficult it is to install. The lowest cost faucet will be the one that is the best quality that lasts the longest.

I think Delta makes the best faucets for a variety of reasons. I feel they are the best at providing a good value; long term durability, designed well for ease of installation, ease of use and ease of repairability.

I had a homeowner ask me to install a $55 faucet and the least expensive faucet that I can supply is about $140. And if you search the internet you will see a significant variation in pricing on the “same” faucet that I install.

Yes I have mark-up on the faucet I supply because I offer a one year parts and labor guarantee and I save you time by acquiring the faucet. If I install your faucet and there is any problem with it, even up to a year after install, you do not pay anything extra. I have seen two examples of faucets from reputable manufactures where there was a defect. In one case the customer had to pay to; have it installed, the spout removed, the homeowner ships the faucet back to the internet retailer, waits for a new spout and then pays a second time for the spout to be installed. The other case there was an o-ring missing from a supply tube. This was a faucet purchased by the homeowner. The homeowner had to wait for the retailer to send a new part. The good news it was free and the homeowner could install it themselves. The bad news is that they had no kitchen faucet for 1 ½ weeks.

The reasons that I do not like to install customer supplied faucets; It is a ‘heads they win, tails I loose proposition’. If it is more difficult to install, needs service at the time of install or thereafter all of the costs and responsibility falls on the plumber. The plumber is more likely to get falsely accused or blamed for  intentionally “doing something” to the faucet, increasing the charge for the job, etc. On one occasion, I  rebuilt a faucet with genuine manufacturer repair parts and it still did not function properly subsequent to the service.

The faucets I supply are the best for design for ease of installation, ruggedness of design for long-term use. Faucet design which makes installation easy or very difficult vary widely depending on who made it, whether it is a contractor grade faucet or a faucet sold through retail.

The best quality faucet has the best design for attaching to the sink. If your inexpensive faucet becomes loose over time, guess what is going to happen if you try to retighten it? (Hint: Definition of insanity; taking the same action and expecting a different result). There are types of designs, where the method of attaching the faucet to the sink prevents it from being able to be disassembled for repair. The reason is that the accumulated mineral deposits cause enough resistance that the entire faucet rotates with the loosening force. The best design maximizes the force holding the faucet to the sink and minimizes the twisting force on the faucet during repair. No faucet can be guaranteed to be readily disassembled after years of use. On the other hand if you purchase a quality faucet and are planning to upgrade the sink or counter top in the near future the faucet can usually be removed and reinstalled.

Parts will always be available through me for repair of a faucet that I install. You may or may not be surprised to know that some of the least expensive faucets do not even have repair parts available, ever.

And yes there part of the reason for mark-up on the faucet that it helps me stay in business. But with the least expensive faucets that I offer, the mark-up barely covers the cost of acquiring the faucet.

Selecting a faucet;

Via the internet:

1) Go to the official Delta Faucet website;

2) To find a bathroom/kitchen faucet; Click on Bathroom/kitchen at the top.

3) Next click on the picture “Faucets“. Below “Filters” click on the tab on the left “Type”. This will show pictures of the faucet that will fit your style preference and sink. Click one one of the pictures. Note: If your current faucet has a wide base-plate it is hiding extra holes that can be used for a soap dispenser or filtered water spout. Many kitchen faucets can be installed with or without the base-plate and if you choose to use those holes later there is extra hardware for the conversion.

4) On the top below “(quantity) Sink/Bath Faucets” there will be “+ Show retail exclusive faucets” Click on it and it will change to “x hide retail faucets”. The site will show you the faucets that I can acquire for you.

5) Click on a faucet that you like. Scroll down to below the price and click on the tab “Documents and Specs”. Down and to the left click on “Technical Specifications”. This will show you a drawing of the faucet. If you have a faucet that is close to the wall/backsplash or a shelf/windowsill that is close to the faucet this is critical. Call me and I can help determine if your selection will fit your situation.

6) Text me the model number (or more than one if you are flexible). DO NOT text a screen shot. My phone screen is too tiny for ease of use. You will see the price of the faucet.

One on one service at a showroom:

You do not have to shop via the internet. When you work with me you can get one-one one service at a showroom where a representative will show you as many manufacturers and options as you want to select the right faucet to satisfy your style and pricing preferences. There is no obligation to buy when visiting the showroom. You will call ahead for an appointment and tell them I am your plumber. If you go to the showroom they will take your name and record your selection(s), contact me immediately thereafter.

6) I will call the distributor to find out if it is (a) in stock nearby, (b) in stock in one of their other locations, or (c) needs to be shipped from manufacturer. If (c) it is usually 1-1/2 weeks OR for a small added fee it can be shipped 2nd Day. Note: the order is not always shipped from the factory the day it is ordered.

7) Prior to ordering I take a credit card number. I do not charge the card if you have me come to your home to install the faucet. You pay for the faucet and installation at that time. The card is only for the restocking fee if you change your mind and do not want me to install the faucet.