Replacing water pipes; different types and which to use?

This post describes the types of water supply pipes used and some considerations regarding which type of water pipe to use when replacing or remodeling. This is a brief discussion, but should be sufficient for most homeowners to help understand why various water supply pipe choices are available. Lead. Roman Empire. Need I say more?… Read more »

Broken leaking plumbing drain pipe identification

If you have a leaking pipe this information helps you identify or figure out if it is a drain pipe. In order to repair or replace a pipe you need to know What type of pipe is it water (supply) or waste What size is it? What type of material is the pipe? Where is… Read more »

Water leak Emergency: turn off and temporary plumbing repair

This describes how you can shut off water to the whole house when you have a continuous plumbing water leak and make a temporary repair. If the water is dripping or running continuously then it is a water supply leak. This post will help you find the water meter and shut off the water to… Read more »

Toilet parts and repair terms

The following are the toilet parts names which one needs to know when performing toilet repair or to fix a toilet that is not working. The first thing to determine is if the toilet bowl or waste piping below the floor are clogged. If neither of these are true then you can continue reading. If… Read more »

A short list of home plumbing terms and definitions

This post describes and uses some plumbing terms and definitions of the different kinds of home plumbing pipes and devices. This is intended to help you understand more about your home plumbing and possibly describe your situation to a professional plumber or plumbing contractor. Copper pipes and fittings Function: Most commonly for water supply, also… Read more »

What causes a High water bill?

High water bills are usually caused by some plumbing fixture in the house that is malfunctioning. The most likely culprit is a toilet. Whether the symptom is a toilet “running” continuously or “turning on” for several seconds at random, both of these will lead to an increased water bill. It is almost always a fixture… Read more »

Accurate plumbing advice and information from a Master Plumber

Look around at the various posts providing plumbing assistance, and if you like what you read, send a link to a friend or neighbor.   This site may can help them avoid a plumbing emergency and it helps my business, because every service visit helps fund more of the innumerable non-billable hours I’ve put into this… Read more »