Why does a floor drain back up and what to do

The reason that your floor drain backs up or has standing water in it is because it is the lowest opening in the house for the waste piping system. Water coming up out of the floor drain is the result when one of the pipes under the basement floor and beyond are obstructed.  The waste… Read more »

Clear a clogged drain with baking soda & vinegar? NOT

It is likely that when you pour baking soda and vinegar into a clogged drain it will not clear the drain. The reason is that the result of combining these two materials is a foaming action that will occur on the surface of the water. Since the location of the reaction (foaming) is at the… Read more »

How to prevent a drain clog emergency

It may seem like a truism, but if you can prevent a drain emergency then you’ll be minimizing your stress level too. By preventing a drain emergency or simply a drain clog you may also prevent damage to your home.  The following are a few ideas; If a drain is a “little slow” it can… Read more »

Bathtub drain; drum trap vs. p-trap unclogging

This post will help you understand what type of bathtub drain pipes you have. This is the first step in understanding how to unclogging the tub drain. There are two pictures which show the types of tub drains. The first picture is referred to as a u-bend or p-trap style tub drain. The second is… Read more »

Water is coming out of the floor drain. Floor drain clogged

This post is to help you understand what is going on if you have water coming out of or standing water at your floor drain. Some people say my floor drain is backing up, others say I have a clogged floor drain. Sometimes this might be a line under the basement floor or it might… Read more »