Best Value Water Heater

As a Minneapolis licensed Master plumber, I focus on installing only the highest quality products that provide the best value for my customers. Like any product the best water heater will be the one with the lowest annual cost. That is why I only install only Rheem Water heaters. The annual cost is the purchase… Read more »

Water heater leaks from these areas can be repaired

There are leaking water heaters that do not need to be replaced, they can be repaired. This illustration shows the different locations on a water heater that, if they are leaking, can be repaired. These include: Water dripping out of the drain valve. Water dripping out of the discharge tube of the pressure relief valve…. Read more »

Best Water Heater Made

If you firmly believe in trying to find the lowest price on large purchases, read no further. You will always find a lower over the phone quote somewhere else. Thanks for considering me. All the best. Having, me, the same Master Plumber, the owner, as the only person to work on your home is an… Read more »

Water Heater is Leaking need a new one or replacement

Having, me, the same Master Plumber, the owner, with my approach to long term relationships is an advantage that some people value. The fact that I also perform any plumbing repair, gas work, appliance replacement, and most drain situations is another significant benefit. Water heater installers install water heaters, period. I have even done a… Read more »

Increase the life of your water heater by flushing it out

The life of the water heater might be increased or extended by periodically flushing the water heater. The theory is that sediments can collect in the bottom of the tank contributing to tank failure. In order to drain water from the the water heater (just a few gallons, NOT the whole thing) you must utilize… Read more »