Old Clothes Washer hoses can cause a water leak emergency

The least expensive, and thus the most common (big surprise?) type of clothes washer supply hoses look like these. They are a black rubber material with metal fittings crimped onto the ends. Water leaks happen when the clothes washer hoses age because the black rubber fails. This almost always happens at the point where the… Read more »

Winterizing a garden hose or outside faucet to prevent freezing weather damage

When outside air temperatures get below freezing, your outside faucet can be destroyed and need replacing. You can prevent damage to your outside garden hose faucet (plumbers call this a “hosebibb” “hose bibb”, “hosebib”, or “sillcock”) from being damaged by taking a few simple steps. Disclaimer: to ensure proper winter preparation you should always hire… Read more »

Inside a kitchen sink drain pipe: prevent a drain clog emergency

Why would any normal person know what is inside a kitchen sink drain pipe? On the other hand, having that knowledge or understanding could help you avoid suddenly having a clogged kitchen sink drain. This sink was draining “normally” before and after I cut this section out! This section was cut out because it was… Read more »