This post is to help you understand what is going on if you have water coming out of or standing water at your floor drain. Some people say my floor drain is backing up, others say I have a clogged floor drain. Sometimes this might be a line under the basement floor or it might be the main sewer line between the house and the street.

In many most Minneapolis homes the kitchen is directly above the laundry area and the floor drain is near the laundry tub. Determine if the water is coming out of the floor drain when you use only the kitchen sink or the clothes washer. You might be able to avoid an emergency service call; don’t do laundry and minimize the amount of water used at the kitchen sink.

If you have toilet paper residue (or worse) around the floor drain then you most likely have a blockage in the sewer pipe going out to the street. It is possible, but less likely that you can wait to have this problem solved. If the water eventually drains out, then use as little water as possible and you may be able to delay the need for a service call. To avoid a main sewer emergency; have a water sensor near the floor drain, previous customers can request my hints and tips about evaluating your drain lines. Almost always there will be some warning to this problem. There will be wetness or a small puddle left on the floor. This is because the water backed up and drained away before you observed the standing water.

Some homeowners know they have a history or just like to avoid a surprise by electing to have their main sewer cleaned on a regular basis. I can help you understand your situation in order to save money AND have a functioning line.

If the floor drain is in an area that you do not go into on a regular basis, having a water sensor near the drain can be a good early warning device.