There are several unique benefits that I bring you as  a Drain Technician and Master Plumber. The chart below (with one important caveat: to do it legally, plumbing does require a formal license) also shows the difference between a Master Plumber and a handyman or other unlicensed person :

1)      I can perform a plumbing repair and clear a drain at the same appointment. Saving you the time, hassle and expense of scheduling two visits.

2)      Keeping your schedule productive: I give about a 2 hour time window for each appointment, and can also call you about 20-30 minutes prior to arrival.

3)      I am the only expert that will provide hints and tips to help avoid drain back-ups In the future. Prevention of the problem is a huge savings of money and stress.

4)      I am the only local plumber with 24/7 information on how to avoid an evening or weekend emergency plumbing service, minimize or eliminate damage to your home, and minimize stress. This information can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, avoid destroyed belongings, and possibly the hassle of an insurance claim.

5)      Some drain service companies have a reputation for suggesting replacement of your main sewer line (the pipe from the house to the street) when it may not be necessary. This is a huge expense, usually running $5000 – $7000. I am the best source to help evaluate your situation because I have absolutely no financial interest in whether you dig or not.


Drain Tech


My Cost

Formal license required NO YES
Minimum of 5 years journeyman experience to qualify for Master’s Exam NO YES
Minimum 7000 hours (4 years min.) training licensing exam prerequisite NO YES
Minnesota Master Plumber Exam (5 ½ hours) NO YES
State of Minnesota Master Plumber license NO YES $120
State of Minnesota Plumber Bond ($25,000) NO YES $110
State of Minnesota Plumbing Contractor license NO YES $207
City of Minneapolis Master Plumber & Gas fitter exam (6 hours) NO YES
City of Minneapolis Master Plumber and Gas fitter license NO YES $30
City of Minneapolis Plumbing Contractor (business) License NO YES $271
City of St. Paul Master Plumber License NO YES $20
Licensing and knowledge to design and oversee construction NO YES
– of any size bldg (e.g. 50-story building to a sports stadium) NO YES
Required to attend 8 hours per year of continuing education NO YES
Drain equipment, Tools
Total Annual Fees $0.00 $758

See Pricing Policy information to learn more.