Replacing an electric stove or range with a gas stove

I have replaced many electric stoves with gas stoves. The following is a discussion of the process to help you find the right stove and the right installer. A stove or range is a unit that has both and oven and burners on top (vs. a “cooktop” which has no oven). Over the years and… Read more »

Plumbing products are not created equal, buying the best costs the least

Many people mistakenly believe that plumbing products are all the same. They think that only thing that differentiates the product is the overhead or mark-up the seller adds. This article is a small effort to illustrate why, in my experience there can be significant differences between various “identical” plumbing products, that plumbing products are not… Read more »

Quality plumbing that’s “Close enough for government work”

“Close enough for government work”. What you read on the internet isn’t always the whole story. I believe that I am one of a small, select group of tradesmen who perform plumbing repairs which have the high quality of workmanship in the tradition of the original meaning of this phrase. I have always, and for… Read more »

Why have me bring the toilet when you need a new one?

This post discusses why you should have me, your plumber; supply the new toilet when you need to have your old one replaced. The bottom line is that I install what is ultimately in your best interest, in the short-term and long run. This is the best toilet that I know of, not only performance,… Read more »

Why does a floor drain back up and what to do

The reason that your floor drain backs up or has standing water in it is because it is the lowest opening in the house for the waste piping system. Water coming up out of the floor drain is the result when one of the pipes under the basement floor and beyond are obstructed.  The waste… Read more »