Cost savings of drying clothes gas vs. electric

I always knew that the cost of heating air with electricity is far greater than using natural gas. As a curious and intrepid plumber, always looking for ways that I can save my customers money and help educate them. So I chose a real world application of this concept to answer the question: What would… Read more »

Free, easy solution to a sewer gas smell in the basement

Sewer gas smell in the basement can result from a dry trap. The free, easy solution is to pour two or three cups of water into the floor drain which eliminates the sewer gas smell. Problem solved! Most of the time. Every plumbing fixture that is directly connected to the sanitary sewer (e.g. sink, floor… Read more »

Main sewer pipe from house to street needs replacement?

If you have hired a service to clear the main sewer pipe between the house and the street and they tell you that the main sewer needs replacing, get a second opinion! There was a company in Minneapolis that got in trouble for recommending this expensive replacement service in situations where it was not needed…. Read more »