Why you should buy your new faucet from a plumber

How many times have I heard “my new kitchen faucet needs to be replaced?!” because the faucet is leaking, dripping or having other problems and the faucet is almost new? For years I’ve been relating my observations regarding why it is a good long-term decision to purchase the faucet from your plumber (me). Here in… Read more »

The best valve for Plumbing repair or replacement

What you need a valve to do Will turn the water off completely. You’d be surprised how often this DOESN’T happen. Many simple repairs or upgrades cannot be done if the water cannot be shut off. If you have an emergency leak it is critical to shut off the water for the entire home to… Read more »

Broken leaking plumbing drain pipe identification

If you have a leaking pipe this information helps you identify or figure out if it is a drain pipe. In order to repair or replace a pipe you need to know What type of pipe is it water (supply) or waste What size is it? What type of material is the pipe? Where is… Read more »

Two Handle Tub Faucet converted to single handle

This bathtub originally had a two handled tub shower faucet that could not be repaired. The owner elected to have me replace the two handled tub shower faucet with a new single handle faucet. The benefits: No tile work ! = a huge cost savings The new single handle faucets have a critical safety feature… Read more »

Cast Iron Plumbing drain pipe repair or replacement

In order to do a cast iron drain pipe (plumbers call this “waste piping”) repair or replacement it is important to understand how cast iron drain pipes and cast iron drain fittings are put together.  Most often new, plastic drain pipes and rubber fittings are used to correct a problem. In some situations it is… Read more »

Water leak Emergency: turn off and temporary plumbing repair

This describes how you can shut off water to the whole house when you have a continuous plumbing water leak and make a temporary repair. If the water is dripping or running continuously then it is a water supply leak. This post will help you find the water meter and shut off the water to… Read more »

Inside a kitchen sink drain pipe: prevent a drain clog emergency

Why would any normal person know what is inside a kitchen sink drain pipe? On the other hand, having that knowledge or understanding could help you avoid suddenly having a clogged kitchen sink drain. This sink was draining “normally” before and after I cut this section out! This section was cut out because it was… Read more »

How to prevent a drain clog emergency

It may seem like a truism, but if you can prevent a drain emergency then you’ll be minimizing your stress level too. By preventing a drain emergency or simply a drain clog you may also prevent damage to your home.  The following are a few ideas; If a drain is a “little slow” it can… Read more »