Home boiler, Hot water heat not heating all rooms

Boiler (hot water heat) operation basics: This describes the simple things that you can do to help keep your boiler (hot water system) operating well. Maintain the correct pressure in the system. To heat your house effectively with a boiler there needs to be proper pressure in the system. The pressure enables the hot water… Read more »

Water is coming out of the floor drain. Floor drain clogged

This post is to help you understand what is going on if you have water coming out of or standing water at your floor drain. Some people say my floor drain is backing up, others say I have a clogged floor drain. Sometimes this might be a line under the basement floor or it might… Read more »

Home water filters: advantages and disadvantages

This post describes the different options with home water filters. There are advantages and disadvantages to the various residential water filter options. The two basic categories are whole house filters and “point of use” filters. Even though the water coming into your home is tested constantly for safety by your municipality, sometimes the taste is… Read more »

Increase the life of your water heater by flushing it out

The life of the water heater might be increased or extended by periodically flushing the water heater. The theory is that sediments can collect in the bottom of the tank contributing to tank failure. In order to drain water from the the water heater (just a few gallons, NOT the whole thing) you must utilize… Read more »

Test the main shut-off (meter) valve for water to the whole house

A critical home plumbing preventative maintenance issue is test the main shut off or meter valve for your home. If you cannot shut off the water to your home when you have an emergency leak or even just routine maintenance you have added to your cost and stress level. Frequently a valve will leak when… Read more »

Accurate plumbing advice and information from a Master Plumber

Look around at the various posts providing plumbing assistance, and if you like what you read, send a link to a friend or neighbor.   This site may can help them avoid a plumbing emergency and it helps my business, because every service visit helps fund more of the innumerable non-billable hours I’ve put into this… Read more »