Sample of value added plumbing work and information performed during the first 25 service visits of 2015. Each example is work done or information provided;

Examples include;

  • those which kept, at times, significant amounts of money in the customer’s pocket and lowered the amount I could have potentially earned.
  • Which resulted in immediate or future cost savings

Extra work provided at minimal or no additional cost

  • Modified bath sink to help prevent future drain clogs.
  • Repeat, long term customer: replaced kitchen sink faucet at minimal charge
  • Evidence of past leak at bath sink cold shut off, does not warrant work. Advised customer to keep under observation.
  • Modified kitchen sink waste to eliminate non-functioning disposer, cleared drain. Typically these two services require to separate scheduled visits; one from a plumber and one from a drain technician
  • Solved toilet problem which was cause of service visit. Small additional charge for additional parts and labor prevented a different problem to help avoid a second, near term service call.
  • Replaced flex supply to kitchen sink faucet.
  • Provided customer with suggestions regarding tools and techniques to prepare work area prior to service visit. Savings: several hundred dollars.
  • Suggested an outside service to help locate underground waste leak, lowering my bill to the homeowner by hundreds of dollars by minimizing the amount of breaking up and repairing of floor.
  • Evaluated garden hose faucet shut off, kitchen sink waste and disposer, minor corrosion on water pipes in basement: Recommended no work at this time, keep under observation
  • Customer concerned about the condition of main sewer to street. Described to customer what I was doing (so they could do it themselves again later), performed test, and main sewer was satisfactory. No need for a cleaning at this time.
  • Observed a non-plumbing device adjacent to work area that was not functioning. Educated first time homeowner as to how the system works, a simple temporary fix that they could do themselves and suggestion about what type of service provided could do a permanent repair so the house would be more comfortable.
  • Free advice regarding a minor plumbing repair the homeowner could do themselves.
  • At time of a drain cleaning service, showed customer how to prevent future accumulation, how to test the fixture drain pipes to determine amount of blockage in drain pipes. This knowledge will prevent a “surprise” clogged drain event.
  • Located specialized finish whirlpool tub drain fittings to replace just the corroded fittings inside the tub, saving customer hundreds of dollars by avoiding replacing the entire assembly.