Why would any normal person know what is inside a kitchen sink drain pipe? On the other hand, having that knowledge or understanding could help you avoid suddenly having a clogged kitchen sink drain.

This sink was draining “normally” before and after I cut this section out! This section was cut out because it was immediately adjacent to a portion that had a leak. The reason is that under normal kitchen sink use there is enough of an opening in the pipe to prevent the water from backing up into the sink. If you look closely you’ll see that the pipe thickness directly below the opening is very thin. This is due to the age of course, but also the flow is concentrated in a much smaller area of pipe.  Mechanically cleaning the pipe to clear out this accumulation may break through an already weak area, but if it does you already have a plumber at your home to fix it! In the majority of cases the pipe is solid and the cleaning helps prevent a drain emergency.

Picture of a kitchen drain pipe that is mostly filled with SOLID material

I have another more detailed post which discusses in more detail preventing a drain clog emergency. this is also an illustration of a reason to use a product like Bio-Clean (see my Products page) on a regular basis to help prevent this potential blockage in your waste pipes.