Look around at the various posts providing plumbing assistance, and if you like what you read, send a link to a friend or neighbor.   This site may can help them avoid a plumbing emergency and it helps my business, because every service visit helps fund more of the innumerable non-billable hours I’ve put into this site (I’ve written every post and nearly every word on the site). Your referrals support my commitment to helping homeowners reduce their plumbing costs to keep their system up and running in good order.  I doubt that you will find any other local owner/operator or any other local plumber, large or small, that has anything close to the depth of helpful plumbing information on this site. Another aspect of my approach to plumbing service that sets me apart is my ability to provide extra, no charge, advice at many of my service visits.

Plumbing emergencies, such as leaking pipes, are not only stressful, but they can cause expensive damage to your house and furnishings. In addition, the cost of repair can be significant if the plumbing emergency happens in the evening or on a weekend, since virtually all plumbers (and other service professionals) charge at higher rates to work at these times. This only adds to an already stressful situation.

If you text me that you need emergency advice on a weekend, I’ll do my best to call you as soon as I am able. The non-business hours I am available are usually prior to 6AM weekdays and weekends. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, sometimes I am not available to assist you in person or over the phone for evening or weekend plumbing emergencies. The contents of this site are the same information I would provide over the phone. My goal is to get you to survive until a weekday for the repair saving you the money, further damage and most importantly stress. the following are some emergency plumbing procedures that that will help to get you through the situation—hopefully until normal working hours.

Despite the significant expense in creating this content I believe your cost to have me work on your home are in keeping with what other licensed plumbers charge. In fact I know that frequently my charges are far less than many of the largest outfits.

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