This very short post will help you understand how to prevent a clog in your garbage disposal. This will help you avoid the cost of a drain problem resulting from the normal use of your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are handy devices, but you should know that disposal use will increase the probability of having drain problems. This is because solids are being ejected into the drain and may eventually collect sufficiently to block the normal flow. Using the disposer infrequently AND using plenty of water in proportion to the materials being fed in when you use it will help minimize the chance of this happening.

It is best to avoid materials like carrot peels, potato peelings because they are less likely to be ground up before entering the waste pipe. Carrot peels are the most frequent cause of a stoppage that I have encountered.

If you have a blockage, call me and I can clear it. I will also show you some techniques that you can use to solve simple problems and prevent the problem in the future.