Quality plumbing begins with quality products

The Water Alarm has been developed to detect even the smallest amounts of water before damage can occur.

Water Alarm

This is the least expensive insurance you’ll find anywhere. I tested a unit out and I was amazed. I dampened a rag made from a t-shirt and set the alarm down. Instant noise! They say it will go off without standing water and that is the truth.

Why the cloth? The fabric would absorb any dripping from a fixture and wick it to the contacts on the feet of the water alarm. This would ensure the alarm sounded as soon as possible after the dripping started.

Faucets: Delta. Advantages over other faucets

delta faucets

The best design for long life and ease of installation. Period. You will have years of trouble free use of your faucet. The best design for ease of repair. They use the same internal parts across a wide variety of designs. This means that a small handful of parts will repair almost every Delta ever made.

When I come back to repair the faucet, I know the probability that I’ll fix it in the first visit is about 99%. The opposite is true for many other brands which have different parts for different faucet models—and even the same model produced in different years. And some faucets are so poorly engineered that they cannot be repaired.

Water Heaters: Rheem. Advantages over other water heaters:

  • Water Heaters - Rheem

    Best warranty on the market. Some manufacturers provide a warranty that says if the water heater dies 7 years and 11 months into a 8 year warranty you get ONE month of value (1.4%) towards the cost of the replacement heater. Rheem will give you a new tank even if there has been a price increase since the time of install. This warranty may not apply in all cases, for all water heaters, even those made by Rheem and/or installed by AthenaCare Inc.

  • The best extended warranty. At least one manufacturer will charge you for an additional 4 years on the warranty and all that is done is to put a sticker on the tank! Rheem ships a second anode rod. An anode rod is included with every water heater to help protect and extend the life of the tank. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrificial_anode.
  • Rheem has patented their anode rod to provide superior electrical conductivity which in turn provides the best protection for your water heater.
  • Patented dip tube. Every water heater has a dip tube to send the inlet cold water to the bottom of the tank. Rheem has a patented dip tube to help prevent sediment build up, which in turn helps extend the the life of the heater.
  • Best drain valve on the market (brass). Want to take an extra step to get the most life out of your heater? You want to flush your water heater periodically by opening the drain valve. Many heaters have a plastic drain that is likely to not close tightly once opened (read service call to repair).

Garbage Disposers: In-Sink-Erator

  • Garbage Disposers - In-Sink-Erator

    In-home warranty. They will send a service technician directly to your home if you have a warrantee issue.

  • The vast majority of homes are served well with a Badger5. This has a ½ hp motor and is for occasional use. I almost always have one in stock.
  • For homes that use the disposer frequently, the Evolution series is a better choice. These units have more advanced technology:
    • Three-quarter hp motor
    • Sound dampening, for quieter operation
    • Multiple grind stages to increase the food waste processing before going down the drain
    • Reversing motor increases extends the durability of the unit
    • Stainless steel grind chamber increases life of the unit.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners - Fleck

The products I install are made by a company headquartered in Wisconsin, founded in 1948 (Clack). The valve, which is the most expensive and critical part of any softener, has been in production for over 12 years. This is essentially a light commercial unit which means it is a better, more long lasting design and construction than a typical unit.

It has Electronic Controls which provide dozens of settings to tailor the system to your needs. Most importantly it has excellent chlorine resistance which is critical for long-term performance in cities like Edina.