Paul M., Mpls Dec 2013

I’ve hired Paul for a couple different plumbing projects this year, and have been extremely satisfied with his work. He is very friendly and helpful, his prices are reasonable, and most importantly, he is extremely honest and trustworthy! I would highly recommend Paul for any plumbing projects you have.

Eric M., Mpls Aug 2013

“Masterful, an instant classic!!!” …. “Puts Pacific Toilet Rim and all those other summer blockbusters to shame!” …. “Absolutely flawless, worth every penny!” We were referred to Paul (AthenaCare) by “Ron the Sewer Rat” and could not have been more pleased. Integrity, friendliness, humor, great communication, excellent work and professionalism throughout … I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul and AthenaCare to anyone in need of a plumber.

Marc L., Minneapolis Sept 2013

Paul has done work at my personal residence several times. He has always done an outstanding job. Most importantly, it has been my perception that he has always been honest and fair, and at a reasonable price. I have always felt comfortable with him in my home. Trust is a big thing for me with someone providing a service of this nature, and I feel he has earned mine. He is also a very personal fellow and has provided timely service when I have needed it. Highly recommended.

Jenny B., Bloomington Aug 2013

Paul is not only a great plumber, but also a nice person. I originally met him when he repaired plumbing at a duplex I used to rent. He did all the plumbing repairs for my prior landlords. When I bought my own home and ran into some problems, I knew I was going to call Paul at Athena. He was always so helpful and considerate at my old rental. I had a shower drain repair gone bad and called Paul. He offered to alter his plans a bit and come that very same day. That didn’t work due to my work schedule, so we scheduled in the very near future when it worked for both of us. He came out and was able to remove a piece of PVC that was trapped inside a cast iron fitting in a very tight space. He then offered to finish putting the drain assembly back together. He also sold me this cool “water alarm” which is similar to a fire alarm, so I could tell is there were future leaks in this hidden area. He did this all at a very fair, competitive price. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for any plumbing needs!

Steve S. , Mpls Aug 2013

Paul Jursik at Athena Care is awesome. Here are a few reasons: 1) His honesty is without compare. He will tell you exactly what you need and exactly what you don’t, and he will explain precisely why. However, he always leaves the choice to you. He also explains things clearly and succinctly. 2) Paul has strong opinions, and this is a good thing – because he believes in doing things correctly. His opinions are informed. 3) However, “doing things correctly,” does not mean Paul is expensive. His fees are clearly competitive, but you’re also getting a very, very high commitment to doing the job well for the price of someone who’s services might be less dependable. He will charge you what it costs to do the job. It’s possible that this may mean it’s less than what another, less honest plumber would charge you. It may also mean that he will advise you to go for a better part that costs a little more. Again, his advice is good advice. 4) He works efficiently, is no B.S. kind of person, and is also very funny. We will probably never work with another plumber in the Twin Cities, unless we are forced to because he either hangs up his wrench or is hit by a truck. It’s good to find a service professional who does great work whom you can trust. End of story.

Gina M., Minneapolis Feb 2013

I can’t say enough good things about Paul! I live in a S Mpls house, built in 1923, and the plumbing is original. The Monday of Thanksgiving week, I came downstairs to discover that I had water all over the kitchen (which is directly below my one and only bathroom). I remembered that my parents had recommended Paul to me and I called him immediately. He answered his phone (this was around 7:00AM), talked me through the scenario, and although he had a full schedule that day, he moved things around to make time for me. He was quick, efficient and completely respectful of my old house (I have found in the past seven years that there are many service professionals who do not know how to treat an old house well.) Paul reset my toilet, which had become more and more wobbly over the last month, and billed me more than fairly. Unfortunately, I woke up the next morning to another soaking wet kitchen. Although the toilet had desperately needed resetting, the real culprit of the wet kitchen was my SHOWER. A frantic text message to Paul elicited another quick response and before long he arrived, along with a second plumber whom he sometimes calls for 2-person jobs (who was also amazing and friendly), they determined the issue, fixed it very quickly and two days before Thanksgiving, I had a fully operational bathroom and no more wet kitchen. There had been a small erosion in the shower’s waste water pipe that was allowing the bath water to flow freely out of the back of the tub’s plumbing (it’s an antique pedestal tub with some of the hardware above-floor), across the floor to a small gap in the edge where it meets the molding, and straight down the wall into the kitchen and further into the basement. Long story short (too late!), it’s been a month and everything has worked perfectly. When my old house decides to have another issue, I will not hesitate to call Paul immediately. He is honest and fair. He tells you exactly what he thinks instead of wasting your time telling you what you may want to hear (refreshing!) I found his billing to be affordable and more than fair. He’s speedy with a diagnosis and gets right down to business–no time wasted. And on top of all that, he’s a super-decent guy, SMART, he TEXTS (which is awesome!), fun to talk to and, I have to say, honorable–a quality that is hard to come by these days. I trust Paul and would recommend him completely (and I have!)

Nathan H., Mpls, Jan 2013

As a first-time customer with a plumbing emergency, Paul was very accommodating and was able to fit me into his schedule on short notice. Not only were his rates quite reasonable for an emergency service call but he was also very professional and did excellent work. I will definitely use AthenaCare for my future plumbing needs.

Elliot R, Dec 2013

My upstairs shower was dripping through the 1st floor ceiling, and Paul gave me some helpful advice over the phone to help diagnose the problem before having him come over. No charge! Thanks, Paul!

Lois T, Mpls, Sept 2012

Paul the Plumber is a great professional – super courteous and easy to get a hold of. I had an emergency plumbing need and called Paul, got him right away and he told me that he was busy with another customer, couldn’t get to my emergency right away and selflessly referred me to another plumber so I could have my bathroom working and in order again! Talk about putting the customer first! I highly recommend Athena Care and Paul the Plumber!

Kyle K., Richfield Aug 2012

I’m a young homeowner who has very little experience with plumbing and upkeep of the home. Just recently, I had a pretty common problem with a leaky faucet that ended up causing a puddle of water underneath my sink. Being the oblivious homeowner newbie, I freaked out calling my local Hardware Store for advice. They recommended that I call Paul Jursik, stating that he was a no nonsense plumber who tells it like it is. I took their advice and was extremely pleased. Paul helped me diagnose the problem over the phone and helped solve my problem with relative ease. Best yet, because he was able to diagnose the problem via phone and he saved me $100 for a service call. In a day and age of greedy human beings, Paul Jursik clearly defies that notion. I am very pleased with his straightforwardness and overall service, and will definitely call him in the event of futher plumbing issues.

Other Reviews:

Paul came out to look at what I thought was a leaking toilet. Once taking a look he assured me that resetting the toilet was not necessary and explained why the warping wood floor was not due to a water leak. Since I already had him at the house I inquired about low water pressure and he gave his professional advice on an option that will hopefully save a ton of money. Paul was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and honest in his assessment of both of my inquiries – and completely low pressure in terms of scheduling a follow-up regarding the water pressure. I would highly recommend Athena Care if you are looking to get honest and professional plumbing service at a great price compared to some of the major plumbing companies in town.

We have used Paul for plumbing services at least four times and have always been very pleased with his skills, prices, friendly attitude and excellent workmanship. He is very, very good at what he does, and always takes the time to explain what he’s doing. He also has tried to save us money by making suggestions for how we can avoid or fix a problem ourselves. If we have a plumbing need, Paul is the one we call.

We were extremely impressed with the services provided by Paul Jursik at Athena Care Inc., and would strongly recommend him to anyone. He responded to our call for help in a timely manner and immediately helped us sort out the necessary repairs and provided a spot-on accurate estimate for what it would cost. He generously explained at every turn what he was doing, making his decisions clear and demonstrating the necessity of the choices in terms of practicality and safety, while avoiding unnecessary ones and saving us a *lot* of money. He was also clearly conscious of working as efficiently as possible so as to not add unnecessary time to the clock. He was friendly and trustworthy, his estimate was accurate, and there were no surprises. One doesn’t see this level of excellent service everyday and we would not hesitate to use his services again or recommend him to others.

I really appreciated how Paul clearly presented the options to me for fixing my plumbing problems in my old house. He was willing to work with me to stay within budget and still provide a satisfactory solution. I have used his services twice because I was so pleased with his quick response, effeciency price and honesty. He also is very knowlegable and was willing to answer all my questions even on how to repair things myself. I highly recommend him.

I called Paul as a result of a referral in order to replace a leaking T & P relief valve on my water heater. As advertised, he gave me an estimate up front and stuck to it on the bill. Paul explains what he is doing the whole way and tries to educate customers on the important points of home plumbing. I had put in an extra anode in the heater when it was installed 5 years ago so we pulled it out and inspected it – normal wear. He recommended checking it again in a few years, which I am now confident I can do myself. I will replace the anode when needed (6 inches of bare wire showing anywhere) and this can greatly extend the lifetime of the heater. Ask Paul about anodes and he will explain them to you. I would use AthenaCare again.


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